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Electrical & Computer Engineering

Associate Professor / UNIST


Ubiquitous Photonics (UP) Lab is dedicated to research on diverse photonic devices, especially waveguide-based devices. At present, we are focusing on plasmonic or photonic waveguide devices, which are targeted for photonic integrated circuits (ICs) or chemical/biological sensors. We design, simulate, fabricate, and characterize them. In addition, we are studying a few things of nanoplasmonics such as optical antennas and metal nano particles. We are looking for students who are eager to study these things. If you are interested in UP Lab, please feel free to contact Prof. Kwon.



Department : School of Electrical and Computer Engineering(전기전자컴퓨터공학부)
Research Interests : nanophotonic waveguide devices, photonics
Lab : Ubiquitous Photonics Lab
E-Mail : mskwon@unist.ac.kr
Website : http://mskwon.unist.ac.kr/


(1) Nanoplasmonic waveguide devices

(2) Photonic waveguide devices

(3) Photonic and plasmonic sensors

(4) Optical trapping technology


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